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Silly season highscore for german youngster Timon Dohnke

But Covid19 changed everything. After the full cancellation of the national autocross season, the young talent decided to stop autocross and change immediately to road course racing. With a Mazda MX5 NA 16v Timon started racing mid of the year 2020 in regional and national slalom championship, he took part at the ADAC Youngster Cup with a Renault Twingo RS and he made the step to Northern Ireland.

Over the pretty short season Timon made a big performance step onwards. The vice regional championship in automobile slalom was only his first victory this year. One week later he could step up 4th in german national automobile slalom championship (as the youngest driver overall) (both championships with the Mazda).

This good results weren’t good enough for the eastern german racer, so at the last event Timon could win the ADAC Youngster Cup with the Renault Twingo RS and is actually the new champion in the class under 18 years.

His first big event Timon did in octobre, when he travelled over to Northern Ireland to race the final event of the Ford Fiesta National Championship. Proud of his new task his performance get better and better. In the qualifying session, freshly 16 years old racer Timon put the car in the 4th row in the grid (7th position). Bad luck that the government cancelled the event after qualifying session mid of the weekend.

Timon wouldnt be there, where he is without the massive support of a team. A tremendous THANK YOU goes to …

-ADAC Berlin Brandenburg

-MSC Groß Dölln

-Michael Stutze Elektrotechnik

-MWW Mietwerkstatt

-Marcel Berndt Motorsport

-Sharky Racing

-Ricky Hull ( Motorsport)

-Hoosier RaceTyres

Go to facebook.com from Timon Dohnke

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