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Nico Franke dominated German Tillotson T4 Series

Young vietnamese / german karting driver Nico Franke, based in Berlin actually, supported by Chales Event, took his maiden german national karting title in 2022. As the vice champion of a regional 4 stroke karting series, he made the step up with his management MBM Sportmanagement into newly Tillotson T4 Germany. From the beginning of the season he did his job pretty well, performed great, had a good progress over the season and to be honest, he dominated the Junior category. With the victory of the national crowned championship, the 13 years old Nico collected his first ever international karting experience during the T4 World Cup at Valencia, where he finished 14th in a 2 person team with his dad. The young puple has big plans for 2023, better to have a look at him.

Fringer crossed for Nico Franke Thanks to: Marcel Berndt

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