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EN 2: Ups and downs for the DF1 Tigers in the semifinals

Our popular German DF1 Tiger Justin Kunz, piloting the Siebdruck Chevrolet Camaro #22, had bad luck in his qualifying and had to start in the middle of the field. In his first race, he showed an impressive speed and already found himself in the Top 10 on P8 after the first laps. Unfortunately he collided with one of his opponents and was not able to finish the race. In the second race on Sunday he was rewarded for his great performance, starting from P8 he finished the race with a great P5. He still has a chance to finish the season in the Top 3.

Our young Belgian driver Simon Pilate in the FUCHS AUSTRIA Chevrolet Camaro #66 spun in the Gilles Villeneuve chicane and finished his race on P9. On Sunday, our second candidate for the title was pushed into the wall by one of his opponents. He tried to finish the race with his damaged car, but after a couple of laps he had to park his #66.

DF1 Tiger Gil Linster from Luxembourg in the Lettner Trans Chevrolet Camaro #77 was not able to meet his expectations in Zolder. He was on a promising P7 in the first race, when he had to stop his car due to a technical problem. On Sunday he was extremely unlucky and was involved in multiple incidents. With the damage to his car, he was only able to finish the race on P11.

For our Finnish drivers, the weekend in Zolder will be remembered as a difficult one with a lot of things that needed to be repaired. Both Ian Eric Wadén in the #44 and Leevi Lintukanto in the Iceboys - DF1 Racing #23 could not meet their expectations due to multiple accidents and problems.

Norbert Walchhofer, Head of Motorsport: "It was an intense weekend with lots of work for our mechanics. Due to the damages from different accidents, they had to work not only during the day, but also during the night. They did an amazing job, we are grateful for their hard work and have to thank them for everything they did during this weekend, so that all our drivers had a perfect racecar in the morning. The team championship, where we find ourselves on P3, reflects this great performance of our mechanics."

Justin Kunz: "We improved the car a lot from the practice sessions until the qualifying. Our mechanics did a fantastic job to give me a fast car. Unfortunately I was not able to show that in my qualifying and had to start from P13 into the first race. I talked to Nicolò and quickly realized where I was loosing time. I used that in the first race and was able to gain some positions. I was really motivated and wanted to improve further. There was a gap from my point of view, but my opponent decided to defend his line and we collided. With the damage, I had to stop my Camaro. That was a shame, as the points would have been important for the championship. In my second race I was able to move up to P5. The car in front of me blocked me a lot and I wasn't able to catch the leading cars after passing him. Nevertheless it was a great weekend, the team did an amazing job and I had a fast car that was good enough for a podium. Now I'm looking forward to the finals in Italy!"

Simon Pilate: "I had a really fast car, but too much traffic in qualifying to show that with the right result. Starting from P10 I was able to overtake some of my opponents until I spun and lost some positions. In the end I was only able to finish the race on P9. On Sunday, another car pushed me towards the wall and my car was damaged after that incident. I was not able to finish the race and of course I'm extremely disappointed. But I know that a Top 3 was possible and I'm confident that we will be back on the podium for the finals in Italy."

Gil Linster: "I did not have a good start into the weekend and was not able to have a good lap in my qualifying. The race was better, I found myself on P7. But I had bad luck and my accelerator got stuck. I wanted to show a good race on Sunday, but I was hit twice. With the damage to my car, I was not able to fight for positions and P11 was the most I could make of it. Although the weekend was not good, we showed that the car is competitive." More info!

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