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DF1 Racing ends season 2021 as runner-up in the team championship

Henri Tuomaala wins Challenger Trophy DF1 Racing with its Tigers Nicolò Rocca and Justin Kunz, was able to finish the season 2021 of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series as runner-up in the team championship. Both drivers showed a strong performance in the last round at the Autodromo di Vallelunga. Justin Kunz ended his season successfully with another podium, both drivers finished the season on P4 in the overall standings.

Unfortunately, Simon Pilate had to give up his hopes to win the championship in the EuroNASCAR. After a hard crash, which was not his own fault, the season ended with a broken thumb and a heavily damaged FUCHS AUSTRIA Chevrolet Camaro #66. Due to Pilate's crash, his mentor Patrick Lemarié, former Formula 1 driver, who showed a great performance on Saturday, was not able to start his last race of the season.

Henri Tuomaala in the DF1 Racing-Icboys #23 Chevrolet Camaro was able to win the Challenger Trophy and achieved his goal for the season. His teammate on the #23, Leevi Lintukanto, is runner-up in the Rookie-Trophy of the EuroNASCAR 2.

The young Swedish driver Kristoffer Norling who debuted in the Club Challenge was able to show his pace. With each session he felt more and more comfortable with the car and was extremely happy afterwards.

Nicolò Rocca: "With P2 in the team championship we proved that we can be successful as a team, when we all work together. In race 1 I could have finished on the podium, but it's hard to overtake and it took me too much time to get passed my opponent. The distance to the leading cars was already too big. Together with Justin Kunz and all the mechanics we have been a great and strong team that can be even more successful next season."

Justin Kunz: "The weekend in Italy was a great ending to a good season. I was able to finish on the podium once again. We managed to end the season on P2 in the team championship, showing that we have been a great team. Nicolò and me, we work great together and the connection with the mechanics is great. We can be proud as a team."

Simon Pilate: "I'm a bit disappointed. I had a strong car and was still hoping to finish the season in the top 3. Unfortunately my last race and my hopes ended in the first lap and with a broken thumb. Now I'm even more motivated to return next season and get the title!"

Patrick Lemarié: "My first race went really well and I was hoping for a good result to finish the season. Unfortunately my protégé Simon had a heavy crash and our car #66 was no longer able to run. I'm glad that the cars are so safe and Simon has no severe injuries."

Henri Tuomaala: "After a one year break it was great to start again in the EuroNASCAR. My goal was to win the Challenger Trophy once again and I did it. The title is a great ending to the season!"

Leevi Lintukanto: "This was my first complete season in the EuroNASCAR and I'm happy that I could finish it with a trophy. My goal was P1 in the Rookie Trophy, but I'm happy with P2. I was able to show good races with good results."

Norbert Walchhofer: "Our goal for the season 2021 was to be one of the best teams in the championship. I'm happy to see that DF1 Racing, for the first time as a service team, was able to fulfill the goals of our customers. The whole team would like to congratulate Henri and Leevi for their great results. I want to thank all my drivers and especially all the mechanics for their hard work. We proved that our cars are fast and consistent. Nevertheless there is still lots of work ahead and our goal for 2022 is to work even harder and to finish on top of the podium! I also want to say thank you to all our sponsors for their support."

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